DONT skip leg day!! Torch calories with weight training!



BOOM! That’s my calorie burn from an hour+ of leg day, and just 20 minutes of cardio. I burned 100 calories with 4 sets of squats. People are often mistaken when it comes to weight training vs. cardio in terms of burning calories. The main difference here is the after burn. When you do cardio, your heart rate increases and decreases with your intensity. For example, when I step off the treadmill my heart rate drops to a resting rate basically, so my calorie burn stops there. However, when I finished training legs today, my heart rate stayed above 100 bpm for at least 30 minutes. That’s a lot of extra calories being burned AFTER the workout is done. If you push yourself hard enough during your weight training workouts, you’ll torch calories both during and after which at the end of the day beats a 20 minute treadmill workout!! So, don’t skip weight training and DEFINITELY don’t skip leg day!!!!


My Week Off from the Gym&Food Scale

So this week was a little vacation with my parents to Lake Placid. My coach advised me to take the week off from lifting and following a diet, and to just relax and try and get back on track mentally. It’s all very challenging. For someone like me that has been on a meal plan for half of the year, there is nothing “relaxing”about going off of it and feeling like i’m losing control! Not that I have been eating badly, but, we are on the go all day so my meals have been quest bars, nuts, and other quick snack foods that leave you feeling a little unsatisfied and “blah”. I’m trying to enjoy myself and eat some yummy things, but when my body doesn’t feel right, I don’t feel right!! I totally splurged yesterday and got this amazing smokes peanut butter AND ben & jerry’s chocolate therapy!! It was definitely needed, but i’d like to say that is my last real sugary treat for a while. My next competition is in 8 weeks!! 2 months!! Time to stop lolligagging about my last competition and get back in the zone!!! I can’t WAIT to be back on prep and in the gym next week, especially with a fully rested body & mind (kind of). It’s all part of the experience. Every day is a part of it. I’ll be starting school again in 2 weeks, which means that it is only going to get more challenging. Not only am I a full time student, but I have two jobs! Fitting everything in is so hard, but when you want something so badly-you find a way.

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#tbt to when I was afraid of calories &weights. I’ve always struggled finding a healthy balance like a lot of girls do, but bodybuilding and competing has taught me to look at food in a new way which I’m so thankful for. Fuel your body && eat to GROW your muscles! The treadmill isn’t gonna get ya very far (no pun intended)

Stay ON track by going a little OFF track!

A few weeks into my second prep and I have some new goals and a  different mindset. After experiencing a couple weeks of being way too harsh on myself when slipping off of my strict diet, I realized i did NOT want to fall into any extreme disordered eating patterns, especially because I struggled with an eating disorder in highschool and have had obsessive tendencies ever since! SO, of course I am following my meal plan 99.9% of the time, but sometimes things come up like long work shifts and exhausting days where you can’t beat yourself up for not being 100% on your diet! When I go to work, it’s much easier to bring a Quest bar than it is to bring a protein shake, or egg whites, etc. etc. So, some days my macros may be off and I may feel off track, but IT IS WHAT IT IS!!! Sometimes you gotta put other things first and make your life a bit easier when whipping out your chicken in tupperware isn’t an option. And that is okay!!! This prep, I am allowing myself to step in and switch things up on the days it is necessary. Whether it is switching the order of meals, or replacing a food, etc. etc. I just do it. Because I can! I control what I put into my body based on MY life and MY feelings. Another thing is cravings. Yes, one cheat meal a week is GREAT!!! BUT, i’ve realized that when i rack up all these cravings for one meal, I go way overboard! And that’s NOT balanced. Tonight I was craving chocolate like crazy! I made the decision to have a 25 calorie hot cocoa pack in a cup of 30 calorie almond milk to nix my craving in the butt, and it was great. Was this on my plan? NO! Will 60 extra calories kill me? NO-especially because now I wont be salivating by the time I have a cheat meal, which will end up saving me wayyyyy more than just 60 little calories!

High Cal, High weights!

Hello hello! So I have decided that my next competition will be in 10 weeks! I’m super excited because my coach that I have been working with since February is actually going to BE there and I get to meet her and have her support back stage!! Getting all giddy just thinkin about it! But anyways, since I am at a somewhat awkward timeframe of bulking/maintaining, I am doing a mini lean bulk. So for the next few weeks I get lots of calories (~2,000) and higher weight lower rep workouts. This equation=GAINS!!! I really want to put on some extra muscle, and considering I havent had a consistent calorie surplus in a whileeee, I think that this will do some wonderful things!! 

KEEP KICKING BUTT! & Don’t be afraid of food. Food is fuel. If you need to eat a piece of cake, do it. But do it in moderation. Every day we are looking for b a l a n c e which I personally think is the biggest challenge in life, especially in the fitness/health world. But every day I come a little bit closer to finding this balance. It is a skill just like anything else, stay strong!! 


Switch things up, first “client”, balance & life!

So two weeks of post competition in the books. The first week was shaky, but second week wayyyy better. Killer workouts, mental game getting back on track, and making progress in other areas of my life. I’ve even gotten a few “clients” of my own! My competition and fitspo posts on FB/instagram inspired some girls to reach out to me get help losing weight and toning up. Of course I am willing to help them. regardless of their commitment level. Sometime it’s just a little piece of advice or some guidelines to get someone going in the right direction.


I had my first one on one training session in the CKO kickboxing gym today with a friend. We didn’t have benches or weights or machines, but still had a killer full body strength workout!!

I had us doing TABATA training, alternating between punching/kicking the bags and body weight exercises. Between all the burpees and punching and kicking we did, I’d say it was a prettty awesome workout 🙂 Has me feeling pumped & motivated about myself and what I can do!!! It felt great motivating someone and pushing her and myself through a long workout, even after I had already trained hard earlier that day. 


Whatever your goal is, keep going. Keep working towards it. Don’t let anything stop you. Life is too short to not be going after your goals You never know what could happen tomorrow, next month….if you let days go by without working towards something, then you are not going to get very far. LIVE YOUR LIFE!!!!! Never settle. Push yourself. You will get there if you give it your all. 🙂